Valentine’s Sale (through Feb)

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From now through the end of February, you can add some Pathfinder lycan or demon love to your campaign for $2.99!

Bite Me! Wereblooded by Ben McFarland

Bite Me! Wereblooded by Ben McFarland

Bite Me! Wereblooded presents the scions of natural lycanthropes and humanoids, designed by Ennie-award winning author, Ben McFarland. While they lack their parent’s lycanthropic gifts, wereblooded share a animalistic heritage while appearing mostly—but not quite—like their unchanging humanoid parent. Truly windows to the soul, the eyes of a wereblooded reveal their bestial nature, though this subtle difference means many still manage to live hidden in larger communities or on the fringes of society. Denied this luxury, monstrous wereblooded bear the animal head of their lycanthropic parent’s animal form.

A new race for your Pathfinder RPG campaign, wereblooded offer players and GMs a choice between a humanoid and a monstrous humanoid version.

Within the pages of Bite Me! Wereblooded you’ll find:

● A look at Wereblooded society, relations with other encountered races, their alignment and religion, reasons for adventuring, and possible names for male or female characters.

● Three potential clans for Wereblooded of different stock: the cat-like felis, the wolfish lupis, and the bear-inspired ursus. Additionally, alternate racial traits, subtypes and geographical distinctions allow for further customizing of Wereblooded characters.

● Race-specific favored class options mean characters may select alternative rewards when gaining new levels besides a simple hit point or a skill point.

● For characters looking to temporarily take on a lycanthrope’s hybrid body, the incantation of Claim the Ravenous Hunter’s Form provides a skill-based magic anyone can learn!

● A pair of sample characters in both humanoid and monstrous humanoid versions, letting GMs scale the initial introduction of Wereblooded to their games as they see fit.

Don’t wait, take the chance and get your wild on today!

Forces of Darkness: Zunirei of the Thousand Eyes by Robert H. Hudson, Jr.

Forces of Darkness: Zunirei of the Thousand Eyes by Robert H. Hudson, Jr.

Forces of Darkness (By Robert H. Hudson, Jr.)– Zunirei of the Thousand Eyes presents a demon who isn’t interested in your player characters’ souls, or setting the universe on fire. Instead, her interests lie in discovering the best-hidden secrets of your campaign world and revealing them for all to see, spreading chaos and disorder through their revelation. No one – governments, priesthoods, celestial beings, or even other demons – is safe from her desire to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. What secrets do your players have, and can they keep them safe from her Thousand Eyes?

Each volume of Forces of Darkness contains a detailed history of a NPC to help you understand how they came to be a threat worthy of your players’ characters, a discussion of their motivations to help you design plots for them to enact, notes on allies and henchmen they regularly employ, a discussion of their tactics to help you when your players start to push back against their machinations, and several story seeds to help get you started integrating them into your campaign. Each focal NPC is presented in a minimum of two fully developed stat blocks, one version at their default power level, and a second, mythic version, to maximize their usefulness.

Misfit Studio’s Forces of Darkness line is an ongoing series of Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game compatible character supplements, each highlighting a single unique opponent to bedevil characters in your game. Written with a world-neutral point of view, each supplement is designed to give you an opponent that can be easily dropped into your campaign with minimal adaptation, thus making your life easier as a GM, all the while providing unique characters with unique plans and points of view to spice up sessions in your games.

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