2nd Edition MnM Superlink Bundle for Sale

Steven Trustrum Press Release

MnM Superlink 2e BundleTo celebrate the opening of Misfit Studios‘ new download store and our upcoming 3e release of Better Mousetrap, we have bundled our MnM Superlinke 2e products into one convenient bundle. This bundle product offers the following complete Superlink 2e products together at one incredibly low price:

The Paint ($3)
Metahuman Martial Arts ($17.95)
Better Mousetrap ($15)
Superior Synergy: Superheroic ($3.25)
Your World No Longer ($6.95)
Metahuman Mystics & Supernatural Supers ($2.50)
Metahuman Mystics & Supernatural Supers 2 ($3)
Metahuman Mystics & Supernatural Supers 3 ($3.30)
Misfits & Menaces: DOOM ($5.95)
The Four Color Deck ($5)
Misfits & Menaces Collection 1 ($13)
Do-Gooders & Daredevils Collecton 1 ($13)

That’s just under $95 worth of product for under $20!!

This deal is currently only available through our web store, here.

This purchase is a large zip file of these complete products.

The bundle file is nearly 270 MB in size, so make sure you can download the file before purchasing.