Misfit Christina Guest at GenCon!

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Christina Stiles will be attending GenCon 2012 as an Industry Insider Guest of Honor. This will be her first GenCon ever, and she will be representing the women of game design! Come out and meet her, and ask her about the upcoming release of the Rogue Mage RPG Player’s Handbook available in pdf from Misfit Studios on August 24th. The pdf is currently in the hands of those who backed the initial Kickstarter, and books are being printed and offered for sale through BellaRosa Books in early September. Copies are expected to be for sale at Faith Hunter’s booth at Dragon*Con, as well.

Here’s Christina’s GenCon schedule. She’ll be hanging out with several of the kobolds of Kobold Press (aka Open Design) while at the show. Also note, a book she contributed to with Kobold Press/Open Design, Streets of Zobeck, under lead designer Ben McFarland is up for an Ennie award. Fingers crossed.

15:30 Kobolds Meetup at the Hard Rock Cafe

1100-1200 The Art of the Pitch (with James Ernest, Jess Hartley, etc)
1400-1800 Journeys into the West–Pathfinder game

0900-1000 RPG Freelancing 101 (with Ben McFarland)
1000-1100 Making your World (with Wolfgang Baur)
1200-1300 How to Get a Woman (To Play Your Game) (with Jess Hartley, Michelle Lyons-McFarland, Susan Morris, and more women of the industry)
1400-1500 Freelancing in the Game Industry (with Matt Forbeck, Steve Kenson, Ryan Macklin, and Gareth-Michael Skarka)

0900-1000 Meet the Minions (with Ben McFarland and Wade Rockett)
1100-1200 Pink Dice And Pony Dungeons (with Stan! and Jess Hartley)
1300-1400 RPG / Fiction Crossovers (with James Wyatt, Michelle Lyons, and Jess Hartley)

1000-1100 Myth, Folklore, And Religion As GM Tools (with James Wyatt and Steve Kenson)

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