Axe and ye shall receive … Savage style !

Steven Trustrum New Products, Savage Worlds

5 Magic Items: AxesThis weekend I finished up the second release in the “5 Magic Items” line of mini-PDFs for Savage Worlds and have been sitting on it for a few days.  I want to get it out before the Halloween releases, though, so now was a good time to release it.

The 5 Magic Items: Axes PDF contains some reprinted material (magic item Knowledge rolls and adding AP to magic weapons0 for customer convenience, and for those who haven’t purchased the first 5 Magic Items PDF, but it didn’t affect cost or anything so it’s at no loss to the customer.

Within this product you will find the falcon’s axe, a weapon that returns once thrown, a headhunter’s cleaver, an orcish axe with a penchant of robbing people’s shoulders of their heads, the magicbreaker axes, a blow from which can bring down spells, the stonehewers, ancient dwarven axes that cut through rocks better than they do flesh, and the treecleavers, weapons of dwarven animosity meant to be used against elves and their plant life allies. Also included are some replacement tables that now allow you to add Armor Piercing to magical weapons.

As with the first release in this series, each weapon has a number of adventure ideas dropped into their entries, so they are more than just magic items. Enjoy!