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A Chilly Blade for Savage Worlds

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The Frostheart Blade from 5 Magic Items: Blades for Savage Worlds

Magic Items: Blades for Savage Worldss
Written and Colors by Steven Trustrum
Cover Illustration by Image Portfolio
Frostheart Illustration by Sade

Swordsman art Copyright Image Portfolio © Louis Porter, Jr. Design. Sword art Copyright. All other content Copyright 2010 Misfit Studios

This content appears in the 5 Magic Items: Blades for Savage Worlds PDF.

Magic Items Blades for the Savage Worlds RPG - Frostheart Sword

Value: $13,700

Mechanics: Short sword, major artifact with a raise; +1 damage, +1 Fighting. The sword is capable of unleashing a damage field of ice and frost around the wielder by expending Power Points, leaving the latter unaffected at its heart. The wielder is also always considered to have Armor 4 against fire/heat attacks.

Arcana: d8, 10 Power Points

Knowledge Roll Results

  • Critical Failure: As a creation of ice, the blade renders its wielder fully immune to all chilling magical and supernatural effects, and its touch drains heat from creatures of a fiery nature.
  • Failure and Natural 1: The weapon inflicts extra harm on creatures of a fiery nature with its blade.
  • Success: The sword can emit deadly frost and provides some protection against its opposing element.
  • 1 Raise: Forged in the northern wastes for dwarves, these blades are greatly treasured amongst the diminutive race and to wield one is a sign of prestige and honor.
  • 2 Raises: As one raise, plus knowing a tribe of rogue frost giants renowned even amongst the dwarves for their weaponsmithing skills created the frostheart blades for their dwarven allies as a show of appreciation for the latter coming to the giants’ defense. There are said to be even more powerful, larger blades of this ilk, but they have long since been lost.
You round the tunnel’s final bend and find yourself face to face with a hatchling fire dragon that seems as surprised as you by your sudden nose-to-nose encounter. Unfortunately, the beast recovers first and unleashes a torrent of flame that sears across you and the companions following in your wake. You raise your frost-covered blade reflexively and feel much of the heat pass over you so that you and your gear are only slightly singed. Your friends weren’t so lucky, however, as now it is just you, several piles of ash, and your chilly blade against an angry dragon.

Knowledge Skill Roll

The appropriate knowledge skill is determined by the Gamemaster, with Arcana and History being the most likely, although regional or cultural Knowledge skills may also be good candidates if the item is associated with a specific region, civilization, etc. Alternatively, one can apply an Arcane skill roll’s result when using the detect aracana power upon the item.

Use the following as benchmarks for the degree and sort of information or misunderstanding learned from a successful or failed roll, respectively. Each item will include its own specific examples.

  • Critical Failure: A complete misunderstanding, whereby the character believes he has unlocked the item’s entire history and/or arsenal of abilities, but is completely wrong to the point where the bad information will dangerously point him in the wrong direction or lead him to rely upon the erroneous abilities at a pivotal moment.
  • Failure and/or Natural 1: Something is erroneously “remembered” about the item’s history and/or abilities that may or may not prove to be hazardous when the time comes to put.
  • Success: A rudimentary understanding of the item’s history and/or basic abilities is attained.
  • 1 Raise: The general picture of the item’s history with some important points and its abilities are known.
  • 2 or More Raises: A total understanding of the item’s history, who (most likely) made it (and maybe why), knowledge of all abilities and weaknesses, and any rituals, words, or the like needed to activate it (barring extraordinary circumstances.)

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