Christina and Rogue Mage at GenCon!

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>p>I’m back from a whirlwind vacation at GenCon, where I served as an Industry Insider Guest of Honor. I served on some great panels, and ran two games, one of which was a pick-up game of Rogue Mage with several Open Design fans. My favorite panel was called How to Get a Woman (to Play your Game). Jess Hartley, Michelle Lyons-McFarland, Susan Morris, and Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat discussed things that gaming groups should do to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere for women gamers. It was an historic moment at GenCon, for there have never been as many women game designer guests of honor at the show before. I had someone snap the following picture of us all to commemorate it.

IIGOH Women of GenCon 2012

Jess Hartley, Christina Stiles, Michelle Lyons-McFarland, Susan Morris (standing), and Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat–Panelists for How to Get a Woman (to Play your Game) at GenCon 2012

Also, like Steven (Congrats, buddy!!!), I ended up winning a gold Ennie at the show for Best Adventure for Streets of Zobeck for Open Design (Wolfgang Baur’s publishing company, also called Kobold Press now). My co-authors on the project included: Ben McFarland (lead designer), Mike Franke, and Richard Pett, Matt Stinson. I’m very proud of the job we did, and Ben proved to be a wonderful leader. I’m elated about the win!

As to the Rogue Mage pick-up game, I ran “Supply Dump,” the adventure going in the Rogue Mage RPG Game Master’s Guide. Each crew I’ve run this for does things a little differently. Matt Stinson, Michael Wice, William Senn, and Aaron Phelps had me laughing my head off at their antics. Here’s a picture of Matt (Jesse Holder) Stinson popping off two grenades to take out lesser dragonettes.

Rogue Mage at GenCon 2012 with Matt Stinson

Matt (Jesse Holder) Stinson dropping grenades on lesser dragonnettes

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