Enemies Archived for Armageddon the End Times is Coming Back

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Enemies Archived Cover

Cover Art by Daniel Sguiglia

Enemies Archived Returns, Expanded and Fixed Up

Enemies Archived was first released in 2005, back when Misfit Studios was just two years old, and was the first supplement for Eden Studios’ amazing Armageddon the End Times RPG by CJ Carella. This game pits mankind against itself and the supernatural as the world ends around them.

This book was well-received by the game’s fans, and did well in both print (PoD) and PDF format, and opened the door for the widely popular Armageddon supplement Armed Force, which followed. Well, now Enemies Archived is coming back!

What is Different in Enemies Archived, Revised & Expanded

First off, one of the things that bugged people about the first release was that it was in letter size rather than the digest size most other Eden Studios products conform to. As such, we’re shrinking Enemies Archived down so it will fit nicely on your shelf alongside the rest of your Eden Studios game products.

To suit this new release at a new size, we’ve commissioned a new cover from Daniel Sguiglia (you can see the proof version to the right.)

Despite there being no major issues with the first Enemies Archived release, we’re also giving the book another edit to fix up those few mistakes that snuck through the first time, and to tweak things a bit for style and clarity. That covers the revised part.

As for expanded, we’re also adding some entirely new creatures, and some of the previous creature entries will also enjoy some new options. Every previous creature in the book will also have at least one new adventure idea added to it. So, expect a higher page count!

To top things off, all of the interior art from Enemies Archived will be presented in a coloured version and black and white version for print (to be released through Misfit Studios’ Lulu store.) If you buy the PDF, you’ll get the colour version for screen viewing as well as a black and white version designed not to use as much of your printer’s cartridge. We’re also considering an e-book version for the Kindle and other e-book readers.

As a bonus feature, check out the following image to see the rough drawing I provided Daniel regarding my concept for the new Enemies Archived cover and compare it to how he followed through. (An artist is only as good as his amazingly talented art director!)

Enemies Archived Cover Comparison

So, keep your eyes open for more news regarding the re-release of an improved Enemies Archived!



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