Footloose, Breakdancing Super-Villain

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Footloose PL10

Written & Colours by Steven Trustrum
Illustration by Scott Harshbarger
Copyright 2016 Misfit Studios. All Rights Reserved.

This character appears in Metahuman Martial Arts 3e. You can buy the PDF here or buy it as a hardcopy book in color or black and white.

“Let’s break it down and bust it up!”



















Shake n’ Quake: Burst Area Close Damage 10, Concentration, Penetrating 5, Activation (Move Action), Expertise: Dancing Check Required, Limited to Along the Ground • 23 points

Hip-Hop-Ryu (Grandmaster)

Style Extras

Attack Focus (Impromptu Ranged Attack)

Style Flaws

Demanding 2 (14 hours, –1), Predictable

Weapon Elements

Unarmed (default)

Style Stances

Avoiding, Bobbing, Disruptive, Fluid, Neutral, Prone, Showman

Style Advantages

Cunning Fighter, Dancing Combat, Daze (Deception), Deceptive Stance, Defensive Throw, Distracting Attack, Fascinate (Expertise: Dancing), Favored Conditions (While Electro or Hip-Hop is Playing), Grabbing Parry, Hip-Hop-Ryu Initiate, Hip-Hop-Ryu Master, Hip-Hop-Ryu Stances, Hip-Hop-Ryu Student, Improved Grab, Improved Tricking, Instant Up, Kata (Hip-Hop-Ryu), Martial Defense, Preferred Stance (Disruptive), Prone Fighting, Reversal, Specialization 3 *(Athletics, jumping; Expertise: Dancing, hip-hop; Expertise: Dancing, breakdancing), Stylistic Teamwork, Sweeping Strike

Basic Maneuvers

Basic Unarmed Attacks (0 pts), Axe Kick (“dropping the needle”) (1 pt), Hammer Blow (“drop the beat”) (1 pt), Jab (“fist pop”) (3 pts ), Knife Hand (“sweep”) (1 pt), Roundhouse Kick (Full; “turntable”) (3 pts), Scissor Kick (“clearing space”) (1 pt), Snap Kick (“foot pop”) (1 pt), Sweep (“wreck the dance floor”) (2 pts), Tornado Kick (“swipe”) (3 pts)

Advanced Maneuvers

Nimble Dodge 6 (“move to the rhythm”; use Expertise: Dancing instead of Acrobatics) (5 pts), Showboating 4 (“battle”) (2 pts), Soft Landing 4 (2 pts), Whirlwind Block 3 (“killing the music”) (5 pts)


Portable MP3 player with hip-hop and electro music


Agile Feint, Attractive, Benefit (Hip-Hop-Ryu Grandmaster), Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 1, Improved Initiative


Acrobatics 5 (+9), Athletics 4 (+6), Close Combat: Hip-Hop-Ryu 4 (+7), Deception 2 (+5) Expertise: Dancing (AGI/INT) 8 (+12/+8), Expertise: Martial Showman (AGI) 5 (+9), Expertise: Streetwise (AWE) 3 (+4), Expertise: Visual Arts (DEX/INT) 2 (+6/+2), Vehicles 1 (+5)


Initiative +8 (+10 Impromptu Ranged Attacks)

Axe Kick +9

Close Damage 2, 19-20, Push Over 2

Hammer Blow +7

Close Damage 4, Parry –2

Hammer Blow Stun +7

Close Affliction 6, Parry –2

Hip-Hop-Ryu Unarmed +9

Close Damage 2

Jab +11+

Close Damage 2

Knife Hand +7

Close Damage 3, Empowered Critical

Impromptu Ranged Attack +5

Ranged Damage Varies

Roundhouse Kick, Full +7

Close Damage 5, Empowered Critical 2, Parry–2

Scissor Kick +7

Close Damage 6, Split, Parry –2, Push Over 2

Shake n’ Quake

Burst Area Close Damage 10, Penetrating 5

Snap Kick +11

Close Damage 3, Push Over

Sweep +11

Close Affliction 6, Parry –5

Tornado Kick +5

Close Damage 8, 19-20, Empowered Critical 2, Knockout 3, Reach, Activation (Move), Parry & Dodge –5, Push Over 4

Unarmed +3

Close Damage 2

* See Better Mousetrap 3e









4/2 **



** Without Defensive Roll

Power Points

Style Extras


Style Flaws


Basic Man.


Adv. Man.














Footloose, Breakdancing Super-Villain


From the Streets: Born and raised “on the streets”, Footloose has great difficulty shaking the marks this past has left on him. His mannerisms, speech, and ability to trust others are all rooted in street culture.

Real Name: Derek Pungel

Aliases: Derek Punk, D-Pop

Threat Level: Gamma

Age: 24

Height: 5 feet, 4 in.

Weight: 152 lbs.

Native Language: English

Occupation: Professional criminal

Base: Apartment


A young black man, Footloose wears a costume that is a mix of hip-hop and super-villain cultures. He is otherwise entirely unassuming, except for his infectious smile, and can easily blend into most city crowds.


Despite his less than noble goals, Footloose is cheerful and light-hearted, preferring to carry out his operations without seriously harming anyone. He also enjoys putting on a show for the public, especially if there are television crews present at his crimes, during which he’ll show off his flashy dance moves and charm.

Powers & Abilities

Footloose has no true powers. Instead, all of his abilities are the result of combining his dancing and martial arts talents. Using principles from both disciplines, he can perform some extraordinary feats, however, such building kinetic energy with his dancing and then channeling it into the ground to create micro-quakes.


Derek has plenty of friends on the street, especially among other performers and urban charities. He does not like to work with other criminals, however, as he sees himself removed from them and their goals.


Footloose has crossed several criminals in his day, usually by refusing to work with them. He is also sought by the police for his crimes but otherwise has few true enemies.


Having grown up in economically-depressed urban America, at a young age Derek saw there were few legitimate ways out of the ghetto for a black man of limited means. He turned to music and street dancing as an escape.

A natural, it wasn’t long before Derek was able to use his talent to earn money as his reputation as a skilled street performer spread. Unfortunately, with such a reputation comes the attention of less talented thugs who prefer more direct methods of acquiring money. This included regularly demanding the young entertainer turn over most of his earnings in exchange for “protection.” Derek refused.

Because he was unwilling to turn over the money, Derek received beatings on a regular basis, prodding him to take self-defense courses. Realizing the discipline of fighting was paradoxically both as choreographed and spontaneous as was dancing, Derek sought ways to combine the two. The result was a form of urban martial arts that merged his street dancing with combat practices.

Honing his techniques on the streets in actual fights, with his superior reflexes, physical conditioning, and imagination, it wasn’t long before the thugs learned to leave Derek alone. To his family’s dismay, however, the lesson Derek learned from his success was that his unique skills made him dangerous. He believed he could use this to find the sort of fame and money needed to escape and find the lifestyle he’d always fantasized about. He became a criminal.

Focusing on money-making crimes after assuming the name “Footloose,” Derek has taken on something of a Robin Hood mystique to the public. He anonymously donates portions of his ill-gotten gains to charities, especially those that benefit neighborhoods like those he grew up in. The romantic idea of Footloose being a “good class of criminal” is further underscored by the lengths he’ll go through to avoid harming the public during his crimes. Still, he keeps most of what he takes to “live large,” and so, ultimately, is driven by his own selfish desires rather than any ambition to help others.

Caper Ideas

The following may give Gamemasters ideas on how to incorporate Footloose into their game.

Dance of Death

Footloose is no longer the villain the heroes are acquainted with. Instead of being concerned with grand larceny, as is his usual interest, of late Footloose has been conducting incredibly violent, terrorist-like activities. While doing so, he has been making extensive use of his “shake n’ quake” ability to destroy government structures and the like.

Just why he has taken this new turn is up to the Gamemaster, as are the reasons for selecting the targets he has destroyed.

Dance Off!

The heroes have been trying to get their hands on Footloose for some time. They believe he will be unable to pass up the opportunity to show off his dancing talent when it is announced a record company will be sponsoring a worldwide dance competition tour. The tour will last a year, winnowing the ranks of hopefuls, until only the best are left to then compete on global television for a massive prize after being declared the world’s greatest dancer.

Because it is a year-long contest that takes place around the world, it will be incredibly difficult to find out when and where this criminal will make his appearance, especially considering he is too smart to show up without using a disguise and false identity. Will one of the heroes have to enter the contest (and do well) to infiltrate it and learn which of the participants is Footloose, or shall they consider other means to uncover and capture the criminal?

The Dance Troupe

Footloose has been off the radar (so to speak) for several months, and the heroes may have begun to suspect he has retired. Such is not the case, though—indeed, quite the opposite. Footloose has been spending time with a group of youths with backgrounds and talents similar to his own, training them in hip-hop-ryu. Utilizing the skills Footloose has imparted, these kids will follow his commands and act together to carry out wilder and far more lucrative crimes than their leader alone was ever capable of perpetrating. Of course, the heroes will try to stop the gang as they rob everyone they can to enjoy the good life.

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