Gingerbread Men, Exploding Cupcakes, and Time Travel, Oh My …

Steven Trustrum New Products, Super-Powered by M&M

Misfit Studios Releases Two Products this Week, One of which is a Freebie!

Gingerbread GolemGet Your Freshly Baked Gingerbread Golems, Straight Out of the Oven

Christina Stiles’ releases the Gingerbread Golem as a free download as the first release for the Misfit Studios new, ongoing product line for Super-Powered by M&M, The Manual of Mutants & Monsters, which is leading up to the (finally!) release of our massive OGL conversion monster book.

Christina also provides game stats for her Gingerbread Golem for Castles & Crusades, Pathfinder, and BASH!

Double Team: The Baker VS Professor When

MIS5026 CoverMisfit Studios also releases the first of another new Super-Powered by M&M product line, Double Team: The Baker VS Professor When. Each Double Team product offers both a villain and a hero character at a reduced price compared to what you would pay separately.

In this first release, you’ll find:

The Baker lives with a Gypsy “gift” that allows him to magically bring his baked goods to life, but the flip side is anything normal he tries baking is toxic. He is accompanied on his capers by his Gingerbread Gangsters and their leader, Gingy.

Professor When is an adventurer who travels through time in his wondrous S.H.A.R.T.I.S. device, causing and fixing trouble, and quite often catching up others in his mess.

This product also includes 3 new advantages (two of which are solely for minions), and a new extra.