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Halloween comes early at Misfit Studios

Steven Trustrum New Products, Savage Worlds

Horrific BooksWith Halloween getting increasingly closer, Misfit Studios has just released the first of two planned products for the Savage Worlds system to suit the season. The first of the two, 5 Magic Items: Horrific Books, has just been released.

Within this product you will find the Arcane Catalog of Dej, a book that details just about any magic item you can imagine, imparting valuable information on them (at a cost), the folio of fiends, a book of information on creatures that may just contain the details you need to win the day, the Purgatorum, a tome on demons and their ilk that strengthens your mind against their influence (although its knowledge may have dire consequences), the Tome of the Underworld, a book that enhances one’s miracles with undead energies (so long as one is willing to risk awakening an ancient evil), and the infamous Necronomicon, a book that may result in the end of the world.

I’ve also started adding something to the Misfit Studios Zazzle Store I’ve opened a while ago but hadn’t yet done anything with. My first products have nothing to do with our own IP, but are a satirical mix of the classic “Kneel before Zod!” line and the iconic “Frankie Says Relax” t-shirt of the ’80s. There are currently two varieties available: black text or white text.

EDIT: Zazzle are bastiches. See Oct. 18ths blog post.

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