Looking for ICONS, BASH, and Savage Worlds writers

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ICONS game coverMisfit Studios is seeking to expand its game offerings in 2014 by revisiting product lines it hasn’t done much with of late, and by opening up new ones. For this reason, we are seeking writers who are very familiar with one or more of the ICONS (Fate), BASH Ultimate Edition, and/or Savage Worlds game systems.

Savage Worlds Super PowersWe need people who can convert existing Superlink (2e) or Super-Powered by M&M (3e) Mutants and Masterminds character, creature, and gear stats into these additional systems for cross-game system releases.

Any prospective writers must be extremely familiar with both Mutants and Masterminds systems and the game they are to be converting into so they can create comparable character builds. This means understanding the benchmarks both systems use to define their respective levels of potency so the character’s concept and “feel” will carry over appropriately from one system to the next. For instance, if a M&M 3e character has a Strength of 2 (“well above average”), you must understand what amount is equivalent to this in the system you are to be converting into.

BASH Ultimate EditionPayment will be $5 USD per character or creature, to be paid via Paypal once the work is turned over and agreed to be acceptable. The fact that the payment is per character means sometimes a bit of extra work may be required because there may be equipment or the like to also consider, but sometimes this will also mean a quick, incredibly straightforward conversion that equals easy money. It should all balance out.

Contact with Misfit Studios will be readily available for discussing any issues or concerns during the conversion process, so as long as you are truly familiar with the required rule sets, it should be a rather straightforward process Misfit Studios would like to give a shot at through 2014.

If you are interested, email Steven Trustrum using the following contact form, detailing your experience with the relevant game systems and which one (or more) you would like to convert characters and creatures for.

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