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Manual of Mutants & Monsters: Infected Zombie Released, and Hartshorn News

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Introduce a new monster, the infected zombie, into your Super-Powered by M&M game

Manual of Mutants & Monsters: Infected ZombieHave you ever wanted to pay tribute to your favorite zombie movie by including the sort of infected zombie you see gobbling up survivors in your super-hero game? Now you can thanks to this latest Manual of Mutants & Monsters release, for sale at only $0.99.

Includes the infected zombie template so you can transform any creature into an infected member of the undead, along with example infected zombie Uh Huh and attack dog stat blocks. There is also a special infected lasher zombie template (zombies that whip and entangle their prey using their own intestines) with a lasher scientist example. Rounding out this product are three caper ideas for using infected zombies in your game, suggestions on how the zombie infection may function in your game, and 2 new extras.

From Infected Zombies to Fantasy Fiction: Hartshorn goes “Pay What You Want”

Hartshorn by W. Fraser SandercombeHartshorn, by W. Fraser Sandercombe, is the story of one man’s obligations to himself and those he holds dear, and the evils he must overcome to not only survive, but also arise victorious!

Kellean T’Errigal, a man born upon Earth but not of it, has returned to the place of his birth to address a grievous wrong against an ancient enemy, an enemy that will assail the land he is one day destined to rule if he cannot secure the justice he seeks.

Kellian must ride the mystical power of the hart’s horn to return to his birthplace in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where his mind and body are assaulted by his greatest foe and the Dark Angel she has summoned to end his life.

With death facing him on every world his destiny draws him to, Kellean must reconcile what he believes he already knows with the truths his journey reveals to him, all the while striving to find a way to survive unforgiving environs, treacherous traps and enemies, and the desires of his own heart.

You can now purchase this marvellous tale through DrivethruFICTION using their “Pay What You Want” model.

Infected Zombie Action and Great Canadian Fantasy Fiction

So there you have it: infected zombie and a new pricing model for Hartshorn to enjoy.

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