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Earl Geier Releases Stock Art via Misfit Studios

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A Tentacled Horror Image for Your Game or Product provided by Earl Geier

Earl Geier Presents Tentacled HorrorEarl Geier Bald Ego GraphixAs the second artist to recently release stock art through Misfit Studios, Earl Geier has come out swinging with a horrific monster sprouting deadly tentacles and a hungry maw just looking for player characters to feed upon.

Earl Geier and Misfit Studios are no strangers — Earl worked with us on several of our M&M Superlink products several years ago. However, now Earl is joining forces with us to bring quality art resources to other small press publishers in need of illustrations for their own products, or for gaming groups seeking effective hand outs and visual aids.

More from Earl Geier to Come

The tentacled horror is not all there is to see from Earl. Already, we have a number of quality images lined up to be released at an unbeatable price, ranging from additional monsters to landscapes and portraits. Like all the artists Misfit Studios works with with its stock art line, Earl is also available for commissions.

Earl Geier Presents: Tentacled Horror includes a JPG and TIF file, both at 300 dpi, and a EPS vector image at the unbeatable price of just $3.99.

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