Misfit Christina at Mysticon 2012, Feb 24-26th, 2012

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Christina will be at Mysticon in Roanoake, VA, this weekend as a gaming guest, and she’ll be running Rogue Mage, which is currently on kickstarter . Game co-author and NYT bestselling author Faith Hunter will be there, as well, as will Christina’s friends Marcia Colette and Kalayna Price. Come out to see the gang and play Rogue Mage!

Here’s Christina’s schedule:

Friday 4-5 PM – Panel – Building Strange New Worlds – Dogwood 1
Friday 5-9 PM – RPG – Rogue Mage – Gaming Annex
Saturday 3-4 PM – Panel – Designing Games – Dogwood 2
Saturday 4-8 PM – RPG – Rogue Mage – Gamming Annex
Sunday 12-1 PM – Panel – Gaming and Fiction Crossovers – Dogwood 1

Christina will have Castles & Crusades pre-gens available to run a pickup game set in Open Design’s Zobeck, too. Prizes for anyone who joins her for that. 🙂

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