February Update

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With the month soon coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to let everyone know what’s going on.

Rogue Mage Update

Rogue Mage, the game being written by resident Misfit, Christina Stiles, is moving along rather well. I’ve seen manuscript drafts and some of the art (good job on the cover, Jon Hodgson, and the interiors, Rick Hershey.) Pre-release promotion is also under full swing.

Perhaps the best news regarding Rogue Mage is the fact that with 2 weeks still to go (as of this writing), the kickstarter has already surpassed its goal! This means you’ll get everything Christina wanted the product to be, and more.

Pathfinder Update

Misfit Studios released its first Pathfinder product with just days remaining in January, and since then the Spellweaver has bounced around between #1 and #5 in the best seller’s list for the Pathfinder rules at OneBookShelf. It has also resulted in our best sales month at Paizo.com ever. So, what we’ve learned is that Pathfinder is definitely a good system to be releasing products for and is fun to work with after taking such a long break from fantasy writing while I worked on Superlink releases.

Up next will be Superior Synergy: Fantasy PFRPG Edition. This is an update of one of our best-selling OGL 3.5 releases (the original Superior Synergy was released in 2005) to the Pathfinder rules. An entirely new synergy system has been created to address Pathfinder‘s original reasons for doing away with skill synergy: game balance.

The Pathfinder update also updates and vastly expands on the popular Feat Synergy mechanic introduced in the original and adds even more new synergy types: Class Synergy (various class abilities working together), Magic Synergy (what happens when certain magic effects are combined), and Craft Synergy (combining skills, feats, and class abilities to add new features to equipment.)

All told, the updates, revisions, and expanded material will see the original 14 page PDF expanded to well over 80 pages (I can’t know for sure until layout is done.) The book will build upon the original’s success, resulting in a much better product. I am now editing the manuscript so layout should begin in a week or so. I brought back the original artist, David Hamilton, to do more interiors and the cover, so I also still have to colour his line art before this can be released. I’m expecting it to be up for sale as a PDF in the first week or so of March, and later this year as a print release through Cubicle 7.

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