Misfit Studios Update — March Version

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An update of all things misfit and studios -like (that’s why it’s called a Misfit Studios update)

Misfit Studios Update -- Spellweaver
It’s been a while since Misfit Studios has posted any updates or news, so I thought I’d drop everyone a line and let them know what is going on.

Christina and I are still plugging away at the Savage Worlds, but other things are also in the works. The next release will a Pathfinder update and expansion of the popular Spellweaver class and magic system we released for the 3.5 OGL fantasy system a few years ago. This will be our first Pathfinder release, which is why I thought it would be good to start off with a product that has done well for us. This will be followed by a Pathfinder conversion and update of another 3.5 OGL fantasy favorite from Misfit Studios, Superior Synergy, which will not just be a skill system expansion this time around but also be adding the concept of skill synergy to the Pathfinder rules system!

The Misfit Studios Update Continues …

In the coming months I’d also like to continue producing ICONS conversions of our popular Superlink 2e superhero products, not to mention giving some BASH and Superlink 3e conversions a try. At this point, I’m of a mind that necessity will demand that our popular Better Mousetrap rules expansion will need to be the first 3e update Misfit Studios will release, because so much of the other material is tied into it.

Lastly, the print deal I’ve been working on is just waiting on the paperwork, after which I will announce an information update and more details, including letting you all know which Misfit Studios product will be the first to show up in print in the game stores.

There’s obviously a lot going on these days, so keep tuned to this blog as we excite and energize your imaginations with another Misfit Studios update!

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