M&M 3e Update: Better Mousetrap, more Archetypes, Mutants, and Monsters, and Martial Arts to Come

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Better Mousetrap is still coming, but other releases are in the works to keep you happy

Better Mousetrap CoverBetter Mousetrap is still waiting on new art finals. Eric was out of town, so he’s now digging into these again. This book still a top priority, so don’t worry that Better Mousetrap will disappear. If you’re really itching for some of the content you can expect in this book, try out the Headquarters Construction Guide while you are waiting.

New releases continue to tie in to Better Mousetrap, offering hints of what is to come.

The re-release of Metahuman Mystics & Supernatural Supers‘ 2e content continues with the upcoming Supernatural Supers & Metahuman Mystics: Bound Entity Archetype. This will help you quickly create characters whereby a supernatural force is bound to a mortal host, much like Ghost Rider.

The final New Camelot release is coming soon. Knights of the Pentangle will include stats for King Arthur and his known reincarnated knights, along with game stats for Camelot, their headquarters, Excalibur, and the Holy Grail.

More Manual of Mutants & Monsters releases are planned, including more original creatures combined with the OGL creature conversions.

(By the way, let us know if there are any creatures you are especially eager to see released!)

As with several of our previous releases in these product lines, you’ll keep seeing many contain examples of new game mechanics that will appear in Better Mousetrap. We’ll keep including this content until Better Mousetrap‘s release.

Metahuman Martial Arts 3e under way and getting a facelift

Metahuman Martial Arts 3e is being rewritten. Eric Lofgren has also been commissioned to do a new cover for it. This is the next major project I need to give my attention to once Better Mousetrap is out the door.

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