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More fun with Frank Beckles! Now with Exponentially more Slander!

Steven Trustrum Commentary 4 Comments

Frank Beckles Mugshot

Frank Beckles Mugshot

Frank Beckles — off the rails and 200% more truthier!

So, who here remembers my previous research into a guy by the name of Frank Beckles? If not, you can catch up on it here. Read it if you want to be able to appreciate the sheer idiocy of this guy’s latest antics.

Since posting that research, a number of other people have used it to oppose Frank’s many online claims, and one of these people has just this morning alerted me to the fact that Frank has stopped sticking to the side roads and is now fully driving right down the center line of Slander Blvd. You can read what he is now posting about me, by name, while using fake names (you can watch my Youtube videos here if you want to understand how Frank’s fake identities are so easy to spot):

Link 1

Link 2

Him making stuff up about me is nothing new. Since I released my research into him, he has claimed I am (that I have found so far) actually the online persona of three journalists at the Augusta Chronicle, am someone the Chronicle has hired to write mean and false things about him, and a racist (because I’m white and Frank Beckles is black so, you know … racism.)

Frank Beckles tries taking off the gloves … does not realize he does not even know how to make a fist

As you can see in those two links, Frank has upped the ante by making some VERY specific claims about me. Putting aside his claim that I am a “Comic Book Groupie” (is that meant to be derogatory?), he also states I am a KKK member (again, remember I’m white — I even shave my head!), I suffer from mental illness and erectile dysfunction (the latter is my fave, and I’m touched to hear Frank is concerned about the ability of my penis to stand at full mast), have been convicted of fraud, and have been kicked off/banned from various websites for being racist and/or bullying him.


Where’s the picture of me in a white hood? It must exist (or something equally obvious) for someone in Georgia to claim I am in the KKK.

Which hospital was I admitted to for mental illness? What was the name of my doctor? What’s more, the implication that mental illness is derogatory under such a blanket, vague title is insulting to people who legitimately suffer from common mental illness issues, including addictions and depression. As someone who could actually be diagnosed as a pathological liar, I’m shocked Frank Beckles is not sensitive to this fact.

And what are the details of my fraud conviction? They should be easy enough to find online if they exist, no? After all, Frank, I found your criminal records, including your conviction for obstruction of a police officer easily enough. I even provided screen captures of it (with a hyperlink) in my research materials into your lies, Frank.

If I’m being banned from websites for racist behaviour, Frank, by all means — provide links to these sites, along with links to my accounts and the posts that got me banned. Now, now, Frank — don’t go making them up. Remember, your posting style is pretty much as obvious as your signature. Trying something like that would just be too complex a lie for you to pull off convincingly. So, let’s see the links to ME posting racist comments. There’s a wide enough history of me posting in various forums across the Internet for people to compare the writing style to.

As for the “Comic Book Groupie” accusation, however, I have to admit that this fits. I try to see every super-hero comic book movie in the theatre, and have about 33,000 comics in my collection. So, Frank, I guess I cannot hold you to slander on that one.

Addressing Frank Beckles and his slander — a cold bucket of water in the erectile dysfunction

Considering my research into Frank’s criminal history revealed some traffic violations, I know he drives. So, as a driver, Frank should be aware that if you drive right down the middle of the road, foot down fully on the gas so that you’re moving so fast you can’t take the time to see what’s going on around you, eventually you’re going to hit someone in a bigger car who refuses to get out of the way.

This guy really needs a hard lesson in to why he needs to stop making up crap about people, including himself (perhaps most importantly) because it gets him in nothing but trouble. Lawsuits are expensive, however, but I am considering approaching the other parties involved (a number of journalists, several doctors, a lawyer) to see if they’d like to get involved in crowdfunding legal action — a cease and desist at least, but possibly more.

I’d have to get more serious about what he’s saying about me to go that far, because right now Frank Beckles and his claims are still more pathetic and a joke than anything serious, but who knows what the future holds …

So, maybe we’ll have a chat about all this later, Frank.


Steven Trustrum has been writing in the RPG industry since the end of the '90s and publishing via Misfit Studios since 2003. Aside from writing and publishing role-playing game content, he ... dabbles ... in content and social media marketing.

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      I’ve been contacted by several people involved with the school board election Frank is running in. It seems my research is being used to educate voters about the sort of guy Frank Beckles is. It will make me happy if it turns out the work I did keeps this guy out of any role that enables him to make decisions regarding childrens’ education.

      Who says you can’t make a difference?

  1. Steve, I have not been follow Frank lately, but I was happy to hear that he lost the election. Also, I was happy to hear that your youtube videos seemed to help show this guys true colors. Everything worked out just the way it was meant to. If you decide to sue, I will gladly through in a few bucks! Money well spent.
    Joe Lesher

  2. I’m so glad to see others are pointing out Frank Beckles’ ridiculousness. I was rather surprised a few weeks ago to see a new Star Wars book in Amazon’s Kindle store. It had an image that was cropped directly from another book. One with a copyright, I might add. I felt compelled to write a review pointing out that he was stealing other people’s work, and charging ridiculous sums of money for a 32 page e-book. I was pleased to find out that the book, and all the other Star Wars ones that have stolen imagery are either gone, or now have new art. What a con!

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