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Places of Power adds Flavor to Your Savage Locations

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Places of PowerHave you ever been running a Savage game and used a location where magic worked differently, or there was something otherwise special about the place beyond rumor and superstition? In Powers Grimoire: Places of Power, a work that is much larger than is typical for our Savage Worlds mini-PDFs, you will find a new sub-set of rules that allow characters with an Arcane Background to design and construct locales of significance and power. Within are the game mechanics of sensing, accessing and utilizing the arcane energies contained at such sites, as well as details on their potential special abilities, such as being attuned to a specific deity, power, race, or trapping, being optimized to make use of the power released by a sacrifice, or by offering sanctuary to those within its boundaries.

We’ll be following up this PDF with a new profession mini-PDF, the Geomancer. The Geomancer will introduce a new Arcane Background and Edges that utilize knowledge of mathematics and geography to work magic. Many of the Edges will tie into Powers Grimoire: Places of Power.

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