Rogue Mage review available

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Timothy Brannan has posted a review of Rogue Mage up on his gaming blog, which you can read here. He has a lot to say about the game, so it may help those of you still sitting on the fence about this game make up your minds.

I find it interesting Timothy draws a comparison to Eden StudiosArmageddon: the End Times, my favorite post-apocalyptic game (no surprise, considering Misfit Studio’s previous license to release products for Armageddon.)

The one thing about Timothy’s review I personally want to clear up is his credit to Misfit Studios in the closing paragraphs. Misfit Studios is the PDF publisher, and I’ve personally spoken to Christina about the game on and off during its development, but Misfit Studios is just facilitating the PDF sales in this case. Any credit for the book’s quality goes to Christina, Spike, Faith, and the rest of the development team that put a lot of years of hard work making the game what it is. All kudos for Rogue Mage are theirs and theirs alone.

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