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The Adequate Commoner Makes the Average seem Exceptional!

The Adequate Commoner Kickstarter

The Adequate Commoner is a Pathfinder RPG sourcebook by J.M. Perkins that lets your game take an unusual turn by playing a character class normally reserved for non-player characters. With the Adequate Commoner, you are shopkeeper, a farmhand, milkmaid, or the like — an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary adventure!

You have few skills and feats.

You have no special abilities beyond that of your race, and no magic or miracles to call upon.

In fact, you’re lucky if you know how to use your shovel as a club.

But will that stop you from taking on the world and all the riches and risk it has to offer? The Adequate Commoner believes not, and will show you why.

What the Adequate Commoner offers

The intention of the Adequate Commoner is to show you how much fun is to be had by choosing to play a class that is so incredibly unimpressive compared to just about everything else in the game. Along with suggestions on how and why to get commoner player characters up and running in your game, the Adequate Commoner includes:

  • Commoner variations and “jobs” (think archetypes without all the shiny bits)
  • A look at the weapons, armor, and gear best suited to helping commoner characters succeed (and survive)
  • Advice on getting the most out of commoner character builds
  • New commoner-oriented feats, traits, etc.
  • New gear, magic items, etc. suited to an adequate commoner
  • Strategies and tactics for keeping your adequate commoner alive
  • and more …

So, if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the Pathfinder RPG, check out our kickstarter here and give the Adequate Commoner a try.
The Adequate Commoner -- Kicktraq Mini

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