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You’re Gonna Die Screaming, the Optimization Guide for Commoners

You're Gonna Die ScreamingYou’re Gonna Die Screaming, the Optimization Guide to Commoners shows you how to take this NPC class out of the background and put it at the forefront of your game by helping players make the most out of commoner characters.

As an optimization guide, You’re Gonna Die Screaming shows you the highs and lows of the choices you make while building a commoner character. Knowing which race gives you the most, best helpful abilities from the start, which abilities to favor, and which skills and feats will give you the most mileage all improve your commoner’s chances of survival.

But, with proper optimization, your commoner’s won’t just survive. They can actually thrive!

Your choices are color coded, based upon the author’s explanations and opinions, to show you how best to optimize your commoner character.

You’re Gonna Die Screaming and the Adequate Commoner

You’re Gonna Die Screaming also serves as a primer for the Adequate Commoner (now in Kickstarter mode), the ultimate adequate guide to running a campaign centered around commoner characters. Look for this product also coming from Misfit Studios.

It’s now available at RPGNow as a pay what you want product (yes, that includes for free), so go pick up your copy of You’re Gonna Die Screaming now!

The Adequate Commoner -- Kicktraq Mini

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