The Savage Ace Takes to the Air/Roads/Waves

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Expanded Professions: The Ace CoverExpanded Profession: The Ace is another addition to our popular Savage Worlds mini-PDFs wherein the Savage Ace takes to the air/roads/waves. This time around we tackle a profession tree for characters who want to be able to pull a little bit extra out of their vehicles. To that end, this PDF introduces 19 new Edges that branch out from the Ace Professional Edge, which acts as their foundation. Many of these Edges are presented in a way that allows characters to specialize in one of the three vehicle skills — Driving, Piloting, or Boating — in order to fine tune heroes, but can easily be collapsed into single Edges for those who prefer a more generalized approach to Aces.

Although the first inclination would be to view this PDF’s contents as primarily useful for modern and sci-fi games, it is equally useful in fantasy games where sailing has a role to play, or where steam technology or the like exists to power flying or even ground vehicles.

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