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The Thief Comes a Knockin'

Steven Trustrum New Products, Savage Worlds

Expanded Professions: the ThiefI expect some people who use Savage Worlds for fantasy gaming will be happy with today’s mini-PDF release, Expanded Professions: The Thief. This release includes for very devious Edges, as well as some that deal with traps, and a Knowledge description that will handle traps very well for most gamers. Up next I’ll be releasing  a monster PDF that lets an old fantasy gamer favorite join the Savage Worlds bestiary, with some Halloween monsters on deck.

I hate to admit it, but I probably would have done a lot more work today if I hadn’t become carried away in Minecraft (well, that and I had to leave my house for a few hours while the real estate agent showed it off.) I’m making a stone and glass castle but instead of building it up I’ve been carving it out of an existing mountain to save on having to make rock blocks for the walls. Now that I’ve got the basic shape done, I’ve begun clearing out the mountain around the castle, literally blowing out the windows (and a few doors and wall) by accident more than once. Sheesh, what an easy game to lose track of time with, but dammit, I want more recipes! (a rebreather would be great.)

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