Update Time

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It’s been a while since I’ve said what’s going on here at Misfit Studios, so I guess that means it is time for an update.

I’m Now a Married Man!

Update Time

Married Misfit

It has been a slow year for Misfit Studios for one reason: as a small press company, it’s pretty much a one man show, and this one man has been busy preparing for his wedding. Seeing as how the knot was tied in October, however, that now leaves me more time to jump back in and get things done. So, here’s what’s currently in the works after having to reconsider some priorities:

What the Plan Is

First, I want to get some revised editions of previous products out. This means updating some of my key OGL fantasy products to Pathfinder and my Superlink 2e products to 3e. Most of my time will initially be devoted to releasing an update of the Spellweaver and Superior Synergy (which is radically changed, expanded, and improved) for Pathfinder, and Better Mousetrap and Superior Synergy for Mutants and Masterminds 3e. Following these releases, an update and collection of my OGL specialist series to Pathfinder also sounds like a good idea, as would updating Metahuman Martial Arts to 3e, but nothing is set in stone.

update time


I had wanted to release a Savage Worlds version of SpirosBlaak in 2011, but that did not happen due to the previously mentioned limits on my time, as well as dwindling interests in teh product line versus increasing interest in Pathfinder. This has made me think it may be time to also update SpirosBlaak to Pathfinder, but no mere revision will do. If I’m going to take on this re-release, I also want to radically expand on the book’s content, fleshing out the world a lot more, including putting more detail into its organizations and duchies, and quite likely commissioning a new map that is clearer and more detailed (I also do not have the original map, just the final version, so I cannot break it into chunks that do not have the overlaying text upon it–a pain when detailing specific locations where “zooming” down into and cropping the map is necessary.)

Of course, we plan on taking full advantage of our print agreement with Cubicle 7 with all these product releases, so they’ll be hitting both the game store shelves and the PDF storefronts.

What the Plan May Become In Time

Once that is done, it sure would be nice to jump back into some new product, quite likely including some more SpirosBlaak content (I miss world building) and single character releases for both our Misfits & Menaces and Do-Gooders & Daredevils lines instead of releasing them as mini-collections, as has previously been the case. We’ll see how things shake out in the new year, as circumstances frequently conspire to make a liar out of me.

Let’s see what shakes loose for the Misfits in 2012 if we end up having the time we’ll need, so stay tuned!