What's Old Shall Become New Again

Steven Trustrum Press Release, Savage Worlds

While sorting through some old files the other day, I came across some of my OGL Barbarian material. As I was looking it over, it struck me how a little conversion work would make some of it a great addition to the Savage Worlds materials Misfit Studios has been putting out. As such, I’m in the process of converting the Places of Power material from the Barbaric Sorcerer book into Savage Worlds.

The content will allow Gamemasters to introduce mystic/psychic/whatever locations into their games that will alter how characters with Arcane Backgrounds can manipulate their powers. The rules will even allow such characters to make their own locations.

Because it’s a conversion the writing is going fairly fast, so it should be into playtesting this week. If this goes well, expect more conversions like this.