And now to add some races to SpirosBlaak …

Steven Trustrum Savage Worlds, SpirosBlaak

Christina handed in the last of the revised racial information for the Savage Worlds version of SpirosBlaak last night, so I’ll be looking all of that over this morning. So far I like the changes she’s made. I’ll be topping it off by adding some racial edges to make the SpirosBlaak races really stand out from the baseline standard. I’m looking forward to jumping into that.

The next SW mini-PDF is just waiting on my final revisions, at which point I’ll see if I have to kick anything back into playtesting. So far I think the playtesters have been doing a great job, but we can always use more eyes looking over our material. If you’re interested in playtesting Savage Worlds (or any other materials), let me know and we’ll chat about it.

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