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I haven’t posted in a few weeks because of the incredible fun of unpacking a new house (woohoo!), which has in turn slowed down Misfit Studios‘ productivity, so let’s discuss what’s in the pipe at the moment.

SpirosBlaak is still in the process of being converted. We’re learning a lot about the process by using the mini-PDFs as a sort of pre-release test on some content, and that’s certainly helping to move things along and flesh out any bugs. Speaking of the mini-PDFs for Savage Worlds, just so you don’t think the polls are there just for fun and that we’re not listening, two of our upcoming releases are going to cover the fantasy race poll’s current leader, Dragon Men.

As was done with the dark elves, dragon men will get a double treatment with one mini-PDF for player character content and another covering their “monster” stats. Here’s some of what you can expect in terms of player content: a new kind of Hindrance, Breeding, which covers some of the things that can go wrong in the egg (and help offset the costs of this race’s incredible abilities), as well as plenty of Racial Edges that will let you fiddle around with their breath weapon and the like. Also, we’ve expanded on dragon men even more by detailing their subraces, providing information on dragon men versions of the dragon types appearing in both Monster Brief: Dragons and Monster Brief: More Dragons, also mini-PDFs from Misfit Studios.

Also for Savage Worlds is coming the second of our 10 Fantasy Traps series (which happens to be the single best selling mini-PDF we’ve released so far.) This release will include, you guessed it, 10 new fantasy traps! Some of the traps in this release will go off the beaten path a bit more than the staples found in the first release, so the results should be fairly fun to spring on one’s player characters.

Lastly, I’m in the initial stages of writing a new rule system from the ground up for a product that is a brand new experience for me as a writer. All I can say about it at the moment is it’s going to be both incredibly exhausting and fun to design and playtest, and it involves dusting off some geek skills I haven’t used since high-school. More information will be released at later dates, so stay tuned.

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