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Dragon Men are on the Scene

Steven Trustrum New Products, Savage Worlds 1 Comment

Player Races: Dragon MenThe first of two planned mini-PDFs for Savage Worlds has just been released. Player Races: Dragon Men cover the player character race aspect of things, whereas the second PDF (coming soon) will cover new and revised monster stats.

Dragon men are an offshoot of the greater dragon race, and just like dragons they come in a number of variations (as found in the Monster Brief: Dragons and Monster Brief: More Dragons products), and so information is provided to customize the basic Racial Traits to suit each of them. Also included are nearly a dozen new Hindrances, including a sub-category unique to dragon men: Breeding Hindrances, representing what can go wrong when a dragon man breaks free of its shell. There are also over 20 new Edges, most of which are Racial Edges for dragon men (and, in some cases, other races with similar natural abilities.) Rounding out this product is a suit of armor that is tailored to a dragon man’s unique anatomy, including an armor piece that allows them to turn their tails into weapons.

Keep your eyes open for Monster Brief: Dragon Men, coming soon!

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