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Better Mousetrap Art is Rolling In

Better Mousetrap Car Combat by Eric Lofgren

Somone’s gonna get crushed

Better Mousetrap is on track, and the new art by Eric Lofgren continues to come in and, once it’s all in hand, the new version of the Better Mousetrap book will head into layout.

To the right is just one example of the new artwork Eric has already turned in for Better Mousetrap. As always, it’s top quality work from Eric, and I’ll be glad to finally have it set up in the book. We have both put a lot of work into this project, both the first time around and updating it to Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition, so it will be great to finally have it up for sale.

Enough of Better Mousetrap, Let’s Talk the June 2014 Misfit Studios Newsletter

The latest Misfit Studios newsletter (our second) went out yesterday, detailing what’s going on with the company (good and bad … bad-wise, I’m glaring at you, Chronicle City), and looking back at the products we released the previous month.

The three winners of the newsletter’s free product offer are:

  • Jason Buchanan
  • Ted Ludemann
  • Neal Tanner

They were the first three to email me with the required “Gimme Zombie Goodness!” subject line, so I hope they enjoy their free zombie goodies.

Add Yet Another Look at the Astounding Art Direction of Steven Trustrum

I know everyone thinks that the visual magic you see in Misfit Studios happens easily, like magic, but that’s not so. There is actually a lot of hard work that goes on between myself and the respective artist. Sometimes, I even have to take time out of my busy schedule to put my own pen to paper to ensure the artist adheres to my masterful vision.

For example, Misfit Studios is trying to squeeze some other products in while Better Mousetrap progresses towards layout, and one such project is an update of the Core Specialist Wizard series to Pathfinder. The first release will be for the abjurer, and I wanted to make sure the artist did the project justice. This meant sending along one of my unmatched rough drawings.

Let’s see what you all think.

Abjurer Rough Sketch

You simply can’t beat art direction like this

Now that you’ve all seen what I can do, artistically, you’re probably wondering why I’m not illustrating all Misfit Studios projects. Well, the answer is simple: there isn’t enough time. This is why I am reduced to using artists of abilities lesser than my own to help compete Misfit Studios‘ projects.

It’s a burden being multi-talented.

Anyway, there you have the latest news from Misfit Studios and the first blog post for June, 2014. Keep an eye on this space for more news about Better Mousetrap and other projects.


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