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Here come the dwarves, here come the dwarves!

Steven Trustrum New Products, Savage Worlds 1 Comment

Player Races: DwarvesAre you a fan of all things short and grumpy in fantasy? No, I don’t mean Glenn Beck and his understanding of politics. I’m talking about dwarves, everyone’s favorite curmudgeons!

In our second Player Races mini-PDF for Savage Worlds, Misfit Studios provides a wealth of new information on dwarves, including nearly a dozen Racial Edges, stats for the dwarven waraxe and brutal stoneblood ale, information on two new metals the dwarves love to craft in, adamantium and mithral, as well as the half-dwarf player race and a new power trapping, Earth/Stone.

So dust off that tin of beard wax and get your gump on, because here come the dwarves!

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