More of those big, scaly Savage creatures we call dragons

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Today sees Misfit StudiosSavage Worlds‘ line of mini-PDFs returning to the idea of dragons with Monster Brief: More Dragons (I like to keep titles simple.)

Monster Brief: More DragonsThis product offers a number of creatures intended to trouble a Gamemaster’s heroes by offering new challenges and danger. This time around, you find yourself presented with yet four more new types of dragons to put the fear of the large and scaly into your heroes. The ice dragon lives in the frigid wastes and is driven by hunger that may cause it to seek out your heroes as its next meal. The reclusive mountain dragons are perhaps the largest type of dragon, which is a shame for anyone who settles near them considering how territorial they are. Sea dragons are a fickle, moody lot – one day they may guide your ship past hidden rocks but the next they may choose to sink it themselves. Lastly, swamp dragons possess a cruelty that is as toxic as their breath.

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