What's on the plate this week

Steven Trustrum Commentary, ICONS, Savage Worlds

Just a general update as to what this busy little Misfit has been up to so far this week, and what is likely to come with what remains.

First off, the last of the material for the second Savage Worlds Halloween-themed mini-PDF is being looked over by playtesters today, so I hope to have it up for sale tonight or tomorrow.

DOOM cover

I’m also into my final edit of the ICONS release of DOOM, a popular supernatural-based villain sourcebook I originally released under Superlink 2e. The playtesting is done so all that’s left is this final edit and layout. Also, I’m looking around to see if anyone is interested enough to partner with me to get it printed and into stores–I’ve a few leads I’m exploring in that regard, so we’ll see how things go.

On top of that, I’m keeping an eye on the latest poll to see which race I’ll be tackling next for Savage Worlds, with gnomes and dwarves leading the race as of this writing.

And, of course, the Savage Worlds conversion of SpirosBlaak continues to roll out into playtesting a piece at a time.

To really make things interesting, I’m moving in the first week of November so I’m trying to balance all of this with packing, dealing with lawyers and the like, and still going in to the day job. All in all, a very busy time for yours truly right now.