Misfit Studios Halloween, pt. 2

Steven Trustrum New Products, Savage Worlds

Halloween HorrorsAs promised, the second Savage Worlds mini-DPF devoted to Halloween has been released this morning. Monster Brief: Halloween Horrors unleashes four new spooky monsters just in time for the holiday.

This product offers a number of creatures intended to trouble a Gamemaster’s heroes by offering new challenges and danger. In this special Halloween release you will find the death dragon, an ancient creature given a second chance through the dark process of undeath, the effigas, a spirit that exploits the living’s attachment to representations to effigies to possess the latter and wreak havoc, the plague wraith, a victim of disease come back to spread the horror of its own demise, and reapers, elemental creatures unleashed to slay anything in their way for the cause of cosmic balance between life and death.

If I hustle my butt off, I may just get the ICONS version of DOOM out before Halloween as well, so we’ll have to see how that goes.